Bautech Headquarters Relocation

  • Bautech International is a Guatemalan engineering company, with international experience/uniquely patented products, that specializes in erosion control and infrastructure solutions
  • Established contact with the City of Dallas and EBU through one of our economic forums in Guatemala
  • Bautech has pending contracts with the Corps of Engineers in Florida and Louisiana and a potential new business pipeline which requires relocation of its main plant to the US
  • Company sought assistance with site selection and financing for construction of a $12 million plant with 34 new jobs. EBU facilitated the resources and contacts requested for the mobilization of the plant, which is currently underway


  • Project began in 2004 with research scientists at Colombia’s top research university
  • Discovered a micro-organism which, when mixed with other elements, becomes a soluble fiber called “Dailyous SDB”
  • Improves quality of food consumed when combined with individual food products
  • EBU established contact with Dailyous directors through an economic forum, held in Colombia in 2015
  • Now a $50 million investment for development of a 250,000 production facility in Waxahachie, Texas which will create 60-145 direct jobs
  • EBU is coordinating the process which includes: site selection, plant construction, human resources/organizational planning, visa and FDA regulatory approval