Dr. Tania A. Martinez is an Expert in Product Regulatory Compliance in the United States of America and Spain for over 27 years. She has a Juris Doctor degree in Miami, Florida and Madrid, Spain. Dr. Martinez holds also Master Degree in International Business in Barcelona Spain and PhD in International Regulatory Compliance law. She is a ToT for the FCSPA Alliance created by the FDA for the implementation of the new Food Safety Regulation (FSMA), an Supervisory trainer for the Fish and Seafood Alliance, Produce Safety Lead Trainer with the Produce Safety Alliance, ToT for Sanitation Operators, Lead Instructor for the Sprout Alliance, Lead Instructor for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program, ToT for the HACCP programs with the HACCP International Alliance and a Better Process Control School. Dr. Martinez has over 27 years of experience in product regulatory compliance in the areas of food, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical, OTC (over the counter), EPA and USDA regulated products. She is an advisor of several regional and local government in Europe as well as most of the Chamber of Commerce and Public, Private Sectorial Organizations and innumerable multinational, medium and small enterprises that manufacturer, sells, export, distribute and engage in different business worldwide.

She is an invited professor in several European universities in Spain and Italy, as well she trains regularly foreign companies in the necessary steps to be in compliance with US and international law. She has written several articles and news in the industry.

Dr. Martinez is a main shareholder of Demos Global Group with offices in Miami, Florida, Madrid, Spain and Milan, Italy.