As the top exporting state in the nation for 16 consecutive years, Texas, with over $264 billion in exports for 2017, continues to be the leader in international trade. With its unique combination of strategic location, the largest U.S. rail and road infrastructure, the most U.S. ports of entry, a multilingual workforce twice the national average, a vibrant international banking center, a diplomatic hub with a Consular Corps representing some 90 nations, as well as a concentration of corporate and financial resources, Texas is truly a global trade powerhouse. Many international firm’s base facilities such as warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing in Texas to take advantage of its excellent access to global markets.

From Texas, small, medium, and large businesses alike have found great success in doing business globally. Far from being the exclusive domain of large corporations, export trade in Texas is driven by its most innovate, nimble, and oftentimes small firms. In fact, more than 90 percent of all Texas exporters are small businesses – and their numbers continue to grow. With its extensive global ties, Texas has a natural advantage in exporting knowledge-intensive services and has become a major global exporter of high value-added services, including accounting, communications, consulting, engineering, financial, legal, medical, and transportation services. For an overview of Texas trade, click here. https://siteselection.com/cc/texas/